Dear Younger Self…

Dear Younger Self,

Much has happened in past decades. While busy raising children, building businesses, and caring for your parents, you had little time to focus on your own health, let alone the health of our country.

I know you regret not praying for our leaders and upholding the Judeo-Christian values that established our nation.
But can you now sit by in silence while a Christian minister includes a foreign, man-made god at the 117th United States Congress? While the name of Jesus is omitted at the conclusion of his “talk” and a mockery is made of the word Amen (so be it)?
Younger self, why didn’t you object when highly-paid representatives of the law dallied with gender politics and not the welfare of ‘we the people’? While children are murdered, while a blind eye serves the mentally ill, and while the streets fill with sex and drug traffic?
If not now, when will you remember that God is not mocked (Gal.6:7)? Though He had patience and sent warnings, His punishment in days of old for the same sins we Americans perpetrate – the murder of babies and the worship of pagan gods – came at a captivating price.
… many of you know I’m an aspiring author. This letter to my younger self may have caused career suicide. So be it. God’s word says He is for me, and therefore no one can be against me.
My Facebook friends number close to 900. Many are dear friends and classmates from NJ grammar and high school; CA neighbors and coworkers; VA neighbors; OR family and friends; ID neighbors, friends, and church-goers; and writing clubs locally and online.
If you choose to unfriend me, know that I love and respect you. You are and will always be in my heart – nothing will change that! Please know the Current Me will apply what Deitrich Bonhoeffer lived: to not speak is to speak; to not stand is to stand.
However, to the minister(s) who will dare to invoke the name of other gods in my house (the United States Congress) and/or other places where my forefathers toiled, fought, and died to lift high the name of the only Almighty God and preserve our nation’s freedom, you are on notice.
I will no longer abide invocation to any other name or prayer that does not close In Jesus Name. Amen
To the Anne Graham Lotzs, Priscilla Shirers, Franklin Grahams, Tony Perkins, Jack Hibbs, Charlie Kirks, Lee Strobels, Jonathan Kahns, Frank Tureks, Glenn Becks, Tony Evans, Kevin Sorbos, Kirk Camerons, and numerous American women and men of valor, preach it!
Erma Ullrey
(aka Amre Cortadino)

P.S. Though it is evening in America, your respectfully-submitted comments pro or con are welcome. Thank you. ❤

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12 Replies to “Dear Younger Self…”

  1. I stay far from newscasts to keep what tiny bit of sanity I have. So I had no idea what you are talking about. Got curious and googled. First thought. Who hired this guy? He doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Then I saw Ben Shapiro’s comment. — “Amen” is a Biblical Hebrew word: אמן. It is a word simply meaning “may it be so.” It has nothing to do with the word “man” or “woman” because it is FROM HEBREW. This is some of the dumbest s*** I have ever seen in my life.
    — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) January 4, 2021

    Hey, Erma. Feel free to delete my comment. I forgive you.

  2. Until I read your post, I hadn’t even heard the whole story. I’d read about the disrespectful “awoman” part, but I had not heard about how he’d invoked the name of an idol. I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am.
    I see our country as much too much like ancient Judea and Israel/Samaria at the time before the fall to Assyria and to Babylon, chasing after other “gods” seeking to be tolerant and embolden every whim of belief and rebellion, forgetting the One who truly matters.
    I pray for our country, and I pray that we as believers will stand firm as Bonhoeffer and others before us have. I believe troubled seas await us, but praised be the Lord, our Lord, for He is master of the universe.

    1. Amen! That is my prayer the point for writing this piece. It’s no longer time to tread water. We need to speak up and move out in the power of the only One who can save and set us free!! 🙂

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