You’d probably like to know why in the world I’d write a blog when cyberspace has enough of them to fill this galaxy and continue to go boldly where no blogs have ever gone before.


I tend to look at the lighter side of life. Laughter is good medicine, and there’s lots to laugh about. Just look around! You know those bumper stickers that tell you, “stuff happens?” Well, I cross reference that with what the God of all creation says. “I know the plans I have for you … to give you hope and a future” (Jerm.29:11). Those words cause a grin to rip across my face. My heart soars because- no matter what – I hold the winning lottery ticket.

So – smile! Lighten up! There’s a huge void where joy, encouragement, laughter, happiness, grins, hugs, kindness, thoughtfulness, cheers, and atta boys and girls need to be given. They cost nothing, so why horde them?  Go ahead and give ‘em away, try it! And don’t worry, you’ll have many more where they came from. 🙂


Eventide is the name I’ve given to my suspense series. From My Window (FMW) is the working title of the first book. It hasn’t been published yet but has already won two awards (please see below).

It’s said that bits of the author are in every book he or she writes. It’s true – snippets of FMW come from many of my childhood memories. You’ll find them when you read the book.

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