Five years ago, after my husband Bert’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis, I maintained a stoic front. Inwardly, I believed God and took Him at His word. But in my quiet moments I felt and acted more like Jacob. I didn’t have a wrestling match with the Lord, but an intense spiritual battle had begun. Especially after I’d looked up the statistical prognosis regarding Bert’s disease. “Hopeless” fit the percentage. The doctors had told us as much. But faith said that number was unacceptable.

The Lord invites us in Hebrews to come and reason with Him .

I came, but I was beyond reason. I cried out to Him asking, wanting, needing something personal from Him. Something to show me that even though I didn’t see it, He was still working, still moving on our behalf. That He cared about what was happening to Bert. To me. To our four children, to their spouses, and to our grandchildren. That every promise in His word was still true, still ours. Jehovah was still faithful, able, and in control of every aspect of our lives.

I pictured the crossroads in Sacramento, CA, where I first became a believer at age 19. I reminded the Lord how He had shown me His many promises throughout all generations. He’d shown Himself to be Emmanuel–God with us. I recited His miracles and His gracious healing hand. His might and power. I prayed, Show me again, Lord.


I got in the car to go to lunch with a group of Bible study friends. As I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, I again asked God to let me know He was with us. With me.

Beyond frustrated with this unanswered prayer, I walked up to the restaurant, and exhaled a deep breath. That’s when it hit me.

God had answered my prayer through that simple act. Genesis 2:7 says “Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life…”

Every breath was, is, and always will be proof of God’s existence and love. I had the “something special” I’d requested all along.

My wrestling ended there and then. The Lord had given me the proof I’d asked for.

That afternoon, in an effort to capture what God showed me, I penned the first words to A Snowflake’s Adventure.

…five years later, my husband is living with cancer and doing well.

A Snowflake’s Adventure is a story of God’s personal love. To my husband. To me. To every child He’s ever created. Unique. Purposeful. We are His one-of-a-kind design. Each. And. Every. One.

By eMarie

(To the glory of God, we donated this #1 Amazon children’s book through OCC/Samaritan’s Purse to 500+ children around the world on Christmas Day 2021!)

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1 year ago

I love A Snowflake’s Adventure, but I had no idea of the even deeper story behind the story. Thank you so much for sharing your faith struggle and God’s answer:) It’s inspiring.

1 year ago

I love A Snowflake Adventure and the story behind it. Prayers for you and Bert for continued strength and faith.

1 year ago

Excellent background.:) Thank you, God, that you continue to keep us breathing.

Judy Chatfield
Judy Chatfield
1 year ago

I love how you have shared this personal journey behind the wonderful children’s book.

1 year ago

I love Snowflake’s Adventure.
And how this background!
Thank you, Erma!

1 year ago

I love A Snowflake’s Adventure, and I especially appreciate the story behind the story–my grandchildren love it as well!

1 year ago


Gwen Gage
1 year ago

And it’s such a lovely story. Great to hear the inspiration behind it.

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