Italian artist Salvatore Garau recently sold his sculpture at an art auction for an astounding $20k. According to Garau, his work of art requires a 5’x5’ space for display and must be in a private home.

Whether you’re an art aficionado or appreciate art, most pieces command some level of interest. “I Am,” Garau’s sculpture, might get high marks in that regard. Why?

It’s invisible!

Now, before you laugh, consider the benefits. Lightweight. Inexpensive to clean. Easy to store, ingenious. An apparent versatile and clever design. Goes with any decor or furnishings. Definitely an original.

But how can one appreciate this artistic wonder? It flies in the face of all who agree that seeing is believing!

Ah, and there’s the rub. Ever wonder if this is how our faith appears to unbelievers? Invisible? Mysterious? Out of view to all but those with special X-ray vision?

No. God is real. His handiwork is real. The sun, moon, and stars are just a few examples of His powerful yet loving creative abilities.

Salvation through Jesus Christ is real. There’s an empty tomb in Jerusalem to prove His death and resurrection, which secures our salvation. No cloak of invisibility here.

As opposed to Garau’s requirements, God constructed His gift to be inside us and spread throughout the world. We are His masterpiece, His one-of-a-kind design. Our faith in Him may not be seen by the world, but He is alive and active in every believer.

God says of Himself in Exodus 3:14, “I am who I am.”

When we spread the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ, He changes lives. That’s the power of the real I am!

By eMarie

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  1. The story made me think of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” (Is there really any art there?)

    Praise the Lord, that His handiwork is very real and everywhere for us to see. And I pray that our faith may be likewise.

    1. Haha – that’s what I thought when I read this “art” story!! Different century, same trick, and there are those that still fall for it! So thankful our God is real and His love is everlasting!!! 🙂

  2. Invisible art???? I’m so happy God leaves HIS art everywhere, so all can enjoy and be enriched by it. We look at the stars and see His majesty! No imagination needed…and the “art” is free!!

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