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On this beautiful July day, after hurdling through the joys of modern technology, welcome to my first ever From My Window blog post! Ta da! (That’s me taking a bow. HA!)

 I tend to see the humor in everyday life, and why not? After all, God must have a fantastic funny bone. I can picture Him laughing after I’ve made my twentieth trip into the kitchen and still can’t remember why I’m there. Oh, don’t worry, I make good use of each trip—time for another cup of coffee.

I have two reasons for starting this blog. To be perfectly honest, the first is because it’s a must for a new author. My second motive is that I believe there are too few people offering encouragement these days. I’ll share a little about both, and would very much appreciate your comments.

As a middle child growing up in an eight hundred square-foot home, I shared a corner bedroom with my grandmother, who I thought was Methuselah’s sister. My passion for writing began as soon as I learned cursive handwriting. The title of my book, From My Window, comes from countless hours spent creating stories in that little room.

But I still found a way to get in trouble and test the boundaries. My toe crossed the line more often than I care to remember, and the consequences were swift and memorable. I may not have thought so then, but I now appreciate the lessons I learned early on.

That said, I had an aunt who encouraged me, no matter what. Every Sunday at church, she hugged me like she’d never let go. In her eyes, I could do no wrong. Like a warm chocolate chip cookie on a wintry day, those memories fill me with joy and inspire me to encourage others.

Can you think of someone who has motivated, cheered you on, or loved you unconditionally? I’d love to hear your story. To leave a comment, please click on the words Amre’s Blog above then scroll to the bottom. Thank you, and God bless you!

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4 years ago
Reply to  Dave

My dad often told me I could marry the best girl and do anything I set my mind to.

4 years ago

To be honest, I cannot think of one person in my life growing up that has shown me unconditional love. I have met two people so far that loves me no matter what, my precious granddaughter and her special little brother who is all JOY. Granddaughter may get mad at me at times but she always comes back with a huge hug and treats me as if nothing has happened to hurt her. I am thankful for the Grace of God to show me the love I need to pass on to others in my life. It’s the hardest at times and yet the easiest at times to extend. I am glad you had that special person in your life as a young girl. I hope to be that special person to others as I sure could have used that special love earlier in life.

4 years ago

Nice looking cookies.
Is the chocolate still melted?

Gwendolyn Gage
4 years ago

I’d have to say my mom, grandmother, and a close college friend have been my biggest encouragers. I’m thankful for the blessing they’ve been to me at different points in my life. Great post! I’m looking forward to more of your blog.

Marlene Houk
4 years ago

Love the story! God designed stories to immediately connect us. And my vivid imagination kicks in. I can see you sitting at your window with grandma in the bed and your aunt hugging you!
My friend, Nancy, encourages and motivates me to write and continues despite my falling into the slough of despond like the guy in Pilgrim’s Progress. I’m glad you’re encouraging too. This world needs lots of that! Thank you for the post!

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