James 5:17 “Elijah was a normal person like the rest of us.”

  1. What inspired me to write The Boy Who Closed the Sky?

In 2016, I became fascinated with Obadiah, Ahab, Elijah, and Elisha.

After reading Kings and Chronicles three times that June, I remembered James 5:17 “Elijah was a normal person like the rest of us.”

How would that work? To show myself, I opened my laptop and wrote.

  1. How did the Lord encourage me?

I posted chapters on a blog. Comments from friends and family encouraged me to keep going.

My wife paused whenever she heard, “I need you to listen to this paragraph.”

My archaeologist cousin researched everything from iron age headscarves and cooking utensils to chariots and hoof boots.

American Christian Fiction Writers coached:

-“Delete that comma?”

-“Could a boy this young use that kind of phrasing?”

-“Dave, pineapples were unknown in the Middle East during the iron age.”

  1. What did I learn about the Lord during my writing journey?

I learned critiques from the Lord’s friends are gold.

On Mt. Horeb, the Lord told Elijah that Elisha would replace him. Yet after he threw his cloak over Elisha, the Bible says Elisha followed him and became his servant.

So which part of the Bible was right? Replace or Serve?

Sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler, I opted for Replace and left Elisha out of the story until the final chapters.

A writer of fun, logic-defying romances, asked, “Why isn’t Elisha following Elijah?”

When I told her, she replied something like, “If you leave him out, readers could think you didn’t do your research.”

I grit my teeth. Research? Hey! Elisha can’t both replace and follow. So I helped him make up his mind.

But her comment wouldn’t go away. A couple of weeks later, I fiddled with those chapters and let Elijah keep his “replace” idea while Elisha followed and tried to serve him. The resulting conflict gives those chapters a ton of fun which I would have missed if not for a critic of gold.

By Author David Parks


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Roberta Kautz
1 year ago

Thank you for posting this blow-by-blow record of your process for writing “The Boy Who Closed the Sky.” I loved the questions you asked yourself and the questions from others that forced you to keep searching for answers. Thank you for reminding me to be willing to listen to my heart, and to give thanks for the Lord’s friends who, as you say, are gold.

Sherry Shindelar
1 year ago

Dave, thank you for the inside scoop! I’m thankful to be one of your critique partners and to be on this writing journey with you.

1 year ago

I’m looking forward to reading the final version of the story! Enjoyed the chapters I had the privilege to read and critique.

Gwen Gage
1 year ago

It’s a great story, Dave! Loved it. Had to chuckle at the comments about Elisha, and I absolutely love how you worked Elisha into those final chapters!

Mary Pat Johns
1 year ago

So enjoyed reading this! I’ve purchased the book to read to my grandsons. They’ll love it.

Patricia M Gonzales
1 year ago

Dave, I have enjoyed reading and critiquing your story. Now I need to read the finished product from start to finish (yes, it is on my Kindle!).

I’ll be joining a Bible study in September and guess who our subject is. We’re going through the book “Faith and Fire: Elijah” by Priscilla Shirer. I’ll read your book right before and maybe I can “wow” my group mates with all of my knowledge about the time period!

Tess Powers
1 year ago

This is a wonderful book that brings Elijah to life for the readers. It opened my eyes to the fact that prophets are ordinary people who make mistakes, but always rely on God to redirect them when they listen. Great read with wonderful “regular people” moments!

Kathy McKinsey
1 year ago

The best book I’ve read in a long time.:)

1 year ago

Wow! Now I’m seeing why it’s so good.

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