‘Friends always show their love. What are relatives for if not to share trouble?” (Proverbs 17:17).

Sometimes we need to give a friend a second look.

Jimmy and I were three years old. He came to my house every day because my mother took care of him to help pay the bills.

We dug holes in the sand and ran through the grass and told each other our secrets. I loved telling Jimmy my secrets because they made him laugh. But one day I spoke when his back was turned, and he didn’t pay attention. So I told him again. When I still got nothing back, I yelled at him. Then I screamed.

After many tries, I realized Jimmy did not hear me or anything else.

Jimmy could not hear.

I dashed into the kitchen and grabbed my mother’s knees.

“Mommy! Jimmy can’t hear! Jimmy can’t hear!”

I buried my face in her skirt and shook her knees with my sobs. “Jimmy can’t hear, Mommy! Mommy? Jimmy can’t hear!”

A few months later, we moved to Michigan, and Jimmy stayed in Wisconsin. I never saw him again.

At 78, I’m almost as deaf as Jimmy was when we were three.

I wonder where Jimmy digs holes in the sand, who shares his secrets.

And I wonder how well do I know the friend who laughs beside me.

by guest author David Parks

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8 Replies to “A SECOND LOOK”

  1. Thanks I needed that. Just before this post I received a notice my Best Man of 46 Yrs ago. Who I have not seen in years,is in hospital on Morphine. I pray if he pasts it will be tomorrow. The best memory I can have since it’s my birthday.

    1. Some memories are just so precious. Forty-six years of marriage and a friendship of that age – you are blessed!!! Thanks, Don, for stopping by and happy early birthday! 🙂

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