A few weeks ago, I added some potting soil to one of my houseplants. As I used my hands to spread the dirt evenly among the plant stems, dirt granules stuck to my skin. My fingernails, hands, and both arms (from wrists to elbow) were dirt spattered. And the feeling was uncomfortable. I felt the dirt ‘crawling’ up my skin. I could no longer concentrate on doing my best with the plant. I sprinted to the bathroom sink, and washed away every granule of dirt.

As I did, I thought about how that dirt compares to sin in our lives, when The Holy Spirit convicts our hearts. We are burdened until we confess our sins to our Father who forgives us. HE cleanses us from all our unrighteousness.

Because we’ve been washed in The blood of the Lamb, we are saved, sealed, and delivered!

What a powerful statement of unconditional, sacrificial love . JESUS who had no dirt (literal or sin wise), came down to earth to save us.   From the cradle to the cross, Jesus mission was to wash away the dirt of our sins with His cleansing blood.

He took our sins on Himself as He was crucified on an old rugged cross. Why?

Love and obedience to ABBA FATHER.

Love for you and me.  (1 John 1: 7-9, John 3:16, Romans 5:6-10)

Thank you Father!

Guest post by Sharon Simms

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  1. Thank u so much for the encouraging words this morning, I’m so grateful that God forgives us and don’t hold grudges, praying for a change in my life to become a better person inside and out 🙏💪🏾 thank u I pray God continue to prosper u mama Sharon with the gift u have that touches people lives ♥️

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