Stretch and bend,
Reach for the stars.
Here comes Jupiter,
There goes Mars.

Perhaps you, too, learned this song as a child?

This simple tune helps illustrate the various religions of the world. Man stretching, reaching, doing whatever to appease the gods.

For example, in ancient times babies were burned to secure the favor of a pagan god. Whether coerced or not, some cultures adhered to these demands because they believed the only way to ensure blessings, abundant crops, etc., was to sacrifice to chiseled stone or wood-carved gods.

Are we any different? Has the passage of time altered our thinking or do we still work to please a man-made god?

We all have a God-shaped vacuum in our hearts. Religions leave us searching, thirsty, lost. The world’s standards – money, power, and fame – create a deeper void.

Not so with Jesus Christ.

Biblical accounts and historical findings document God reaching down to save us. He sent His son to die in our place! In contrast to world religions, we can’t impress God by good works, thoughts, or deeds. When we acknowledge we can do nothing to save ourselves and choose to accept God’s love and forgiveness, He meets us where we are!

So, let’s forget about how to strive, to do life ourselves. God wants to wrap us in His love and freely pour out His blessings on us.

Where’s the catch, you ask?

There is none!

God’s word says we’ve all sinned and fallen short of His perfect plan for our lives (Rom.3:23). Because Jesus’ death on the cross paid the penalty for our sins and shortcomings, we’re forgiven. No blood-letting, human sacrifices, or boxes to check.

Instead, we exchange our brokenness for God’s love, peace, and joy. He alone fills the void in our hearts.

Ready to make the great exchange?

By Amre Cortadino

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Valerie Cullers
2 years ago

I love it and the way you explained it!

Gwen Gage
2 years ago

Amen! The gospel never gets old. 🙂 Thank You, Father, for sending your Only Begotten Son to save us.

Becky Van Vleet
2 years ago

Amre, so well stated. Yes, as a work in progress daughter of God, I need to make this exchange!

Mary Pat Johns
2 years ago

Love it! My favorite line is “we can’t impress God by good works, thoughts, or deeds.” Also, the absolute, unchangeable fact that there’s no catch! Thanks so much for sharing.

Kathy McKinsey
2 years ago

Praise Jesus!:)

Patti Shene
2 years ago

So true, Amre! Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed weekend.

2 years ago

Thy Rod and Staff shall comfort me. I call it My Cane and Family not Sheep. For the days I need to overcome Mountains and Stairs. For I have missed a step or two twice. Without either My words are true Amen ??

2 years ago

What amazing love!

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