“A man’s gift makes room for him.” (Prov. 18:16, NIV)

The Bible gives proof positive that the Lord will equip us to do as He asks. Noah shines as a wonderful example of this truth. Though he never saw a boat, or rain for that matter, he built an ark and called animals in two by two.

David also shows how the Lord equips us when we answer the call. Remember the boy who tended his father’s sheep? He went on to slay a giant and eventually become King of Israel.

And look at the disciples. Most were fishermen by trade. But they turned the world upside down for Jesus!

Maybe that’s what King Solomon spoke of when he penned the words in this proverb. We have gifts just waiting to be used. God says go, we obey, then He ensures those gifts flourish for His glory.

Some commentaries think this verse speaks of a man’s influence. This might be equivalent to giving a large tip to get a better table in a restaurant. A donation to a certain organization, political party, or politician to sway opinions or votes. Or perhaps gifts can offer privilege, cause a man to rub elbows with those above his status or class. Every inn has room for this man of renown.

Context helps clarify the meaning of this proverb. Solomon’s words, balanced between verses that speak of good and greed, show his wisdom – God’s gift to help him rule over His people.

Now think of this. The most gifted man ever born didn’t exert His influence to gain a soft bed, plenty of food, stylish clothes, or prestigious, up-and-coming friends. Jesus set aside His deity, chose a life that began in an outside pen designated for a spotless, sacrificial lamb, and continued to a wooden cross.

His gift made room for us all.

Written by eMarie

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