For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in[ Christ Jesus our Lord. (Rom. 6:23, NIV)

Do you remember opening Christmas gifts as a child?

Memories linger of tearing through the paper as though made of thin air, squealing in acknowledgment of the unwrapped gift, then rushing to find another present to open. That giddy wonder and breathless excitement now lights my grandchildren’s faces. And even though I know what’s beneath the wrapping paper, their excitement almost matches mine!

When our visit with our children and grandchildren ended, we returned home to find a huge box sitting on our doorstep. Inside the box, we were stunned by 10 beautiful boxes filled with assorted fruits, cheeses, chocolates, cookies, and popcorn. You can imagine our disappointment when we discovered that some of the fruit had already spoiled.

The incident reminded me of a question that came up during a women’s Bible study meeting. If salvation is a gift from God, why can’t we choose to leave it unopened?

Of course, we can choose not to open God’s gift of salvation. Sadly, many do!

God, the giver of every good and perfect gift, doesn’t force His salvation on us. There are no strings attached to His gift. When we accept Him into our hearts, we receive all His benefits: His love here on Earth and throughout eternity. And because the Gift Giver sacrificed the best He had, paid the highest price, and dearly loves us, God longs for us to open and enjoy His gift.

Our lives are composed of a finite number of days. So, just as with the boxes of fruit, God’s gift comes with an expiration date.

We can refuse His gracious, life-giving salvation. But why miss out on the best gift ever?

Merry Christmas!  🙂

Written by eMarie

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  1. Oh the joys of gift giving and gift opening! And Jesus’s gift of life to all of us is the best gift of all. Merry Christmas, Erma!

  2. Great analogy! It makes me ache to think that God has already paid for the sins of every person who has every lived–every sin ever committed was laid upon Jesus the cross–and people still go to hell for no reason, simply because they wouldn’t accept His gift. Let’s pray for the lost this Christmas Season. Thanks for posting!

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