Prior to this verse in Colossians, Paul lists traits necessary for believers, we who are dearly loved by our Savior Jesus Christ, to shun. These sins stunt our growth and will ultimately cause death.

Paul goes on to say, because we want our lives to bring Glory to God, we’re motivated by a higher purpose–Heavenly pursuits–rather than those of this world.

Did Paul say to keep your eye on the works and deeds checklist … if you don’t score high enough, it’s curtains for you? Nope. Nor does the Bible say “it’s all about the boxes. Leave no box unchecked.”

There isn’t a list of works. But the privilege of serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords motivates and fills us with thanksgiving. Because all those ugly traits Paul mentioned were removed and redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. And everything ahead of us, the all-inclusive “whatever,” is our joyful gift to Him.

Ready to serve the Lord with thanksgiving today? Good, because He rejoices over you (Zeph. 3:17)!

Written by eMarie

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