I love every facet of this Bible verse!!

When we put on this truth, we are impenetrable, invincible, unconquerable! Any arrow or fiery dart the enemy throws cannot defeat us. No worry or concern can overpower us. God is greater than the thoughts that try to disrupt and weaken our peace. The joy that is rightfully ours as a King’s Kids!

As many of you know, my hubby has battled Stage 4b cancer for the past 4 years. In the world of cancer diagnoses, this is the most serious. Every year he’s had some type of treatment or intervention.

In June of this year, he had a new type of radiation treatment for a 1″ tumor in his lung. Before Christmas, he’ll have another type of radiation treatment for a 1+” tumor in his liver. Yet to talk with him, you’d think he’s as healthy as a horse. He’s as happy as a clam.

People have asked how we’ve remained joyful, calm, thankful.

Peace in the eye of the storm comes from knowing that you know that you know your anchor holds!

We’ve put on the truth in this verse. We’ve laid our cares at Jesus’ feet. We’ve dropped anchor and thrown off every weight that threatens to overtake us. We’ve asked God for answers to questions we don’t understand. While we wait for a break in the storm, wait for the sun that will shine, we thank Him because He is. He is more than able. He controls the winds and the waves, and we are more precious to Him than all of His creation.

Got a storm in your life?

Thankfulness is … God. Our anchor in the storm.

Written by eMarie

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26 Replies to “THANKFULNESS IS … (PT.2)”

  1. I have often been amazed at your upbeat attitude, knowing that Bert is battling such a serious illness. Yet, when we have the promises of our Lord, we have reason for joy, even during the hard times. Praying for you and your family always!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that our Lord is the one who controls the winds and the waves. We worship an all-powerful God, and it is totally amazing that we are more precious to him than anything else in His Creation.

  3. I have thought about you and your husband so many times. I so admire your faith and trust in the Lord. I can’t imagine going through something like that with such peace and calmness but I do know the Lord is sufficient. Thank you for sharing the secret of your peace!

    1. Thank you, Mary Pat!! It wouldn’t be so if not for the Lord’s strong hand and all the prayers (yours included!!!) on our behalf!! THANK YOU!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Amre, as always, you are spot-on for God’s coverage of love and care in our lives through thick and thin. Your example of your own faith while you and your husband traverse this storm is uplifting to me. I will be praying for everything that lies ahead for you and your husband.

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