My Blind Cheerleader

When I first started writing, I kept my publishing dreams on the down-low.

What would people think of me? That I’d lost my mind?

Was I some kind of snowflake millennial who thought they were special? Special enough to pursue a challenging goal and actually succeed?

So many people want to break into the publishing industry; my dreams were no different than theirs. Why should the outcome be different for me?

I hid with my laptop like a high-tech Smeagol, until my friend, Joe, found out what I was doing. He asked if he could be in my book and was instantly convinced I’d write a New York Times bestseller. One that would take the world by storm.

Not only has he cheered me on, he’s helped me believe my goal is more attainable than the typical dream—you know the one—Bigfoot riding a unicorn to his house made out of candy with a Leprechaun doing Riverdance on a rainbow.

Even though the Lord has sent many encouragers on my path since then, Joe was the first to believe in me and give me the boost I needed. In fact he’s a pivotal character in my trilogy.

The funny part is—he’s never read a word I’ve written other than text messages. He’s my blind cheerleader.

Guest post by author A. D. Lawrence

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4 years ago

Loved reading this. We ALL need a blind cheerleader!

Patti Shene
4 years ago

I love to read about the cheerleaders who have encouraged others to succeed. I’ve been blessed to have a few in my life. They are more precious than gold. Thank you for sharing.

Andra Loy
Andra Loy
4 years ago

I love the idea of the blind cheerleader! He’s convinced of your skills because he knows YOU.

Gwendolyn Gage
4 years ago

I want to know Joe’s reaction when he actually reads your book and meets this character who he inspired. 🙂 You. Must. Get. Reaction. On. Video. We must have the visual, audio, the whole effect, haha. 🙂

When I was a preteen, I would write dialogue snippets in a notebook. One day, my friend found it and read some of them. Upon learning that I had never finished the stories, she proceeded to scream and hit me, (in fun of course), and insisted that I must continue writing them. That prompted my first thoughts toward writing stories.

4 years ago

Yeah you!

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