This week, we celebrated time with two of our children and all four of our grandkids. I slipped away in my memory to the times my sweet little ones would slip and fall. They’d come running to me with teardrops on their cheeks, their injured knee or elbow extended, confident I’d apply a cool compress, then fix their boo boos and owies with a kiss, and hug them until everything was better.

If all else failed, a Band-Aid with a happy face or bright colors or super hero design would do the trick.

But those fixes don’t work for adult “slips and falls.”

When we examine the life of David, the scraps and victories, the brokenness and wisdom, the pitfalls and the profound faith, the man who God dubbed “after His own heart,” there isn’t a failure he endured or praise he lifted that we can’t relate to.

As transparent as his life was to God, so is ours. Our Heavenly Father sees every high and low. He cares for us, whether we’re down in the valley or high on a mountain. Whether basking in His love, or humbled and bruised and struggling to follow Him.

Like a balm to our wound, the words penned below can dry our tears, strengthen our faith, fix our hope, and move us closer to our Savior. To let Him be our Healer. Our Lord of all.

God bless you as you trust in His everlasting care.

By eMarie

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