Mother bird builds her nest with choice twigs, feathers, and other objects before she lays her eggs. Her care in this monumental task ensures that her young ones will transition well.

Watch as the little birds grow and gain their footing. Suddenly, they discover sharp twigs along the edge of their home. Limited space and a painful perimeter make for uncomfortable bedfellows. Mother’s meals arrive later each day and aren’t enough to fill their empty tummies. Hence, when Mother bird offers free flying lessons, little wings anxiously volunteer. And another scary, yet important step toward maturity begins for her little ones.

We may not have literal twigs poking at us, but we’re sometimes prodded by the Lord for our good. Trouble in the nest? For our good. The free-fall? You guessed right–for our good.

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. (Psalm 68:19, NIV)

The illustration of Mother bird is but one of the wonderful examples of the Lord’s love for us. Even when it seems He’s far off, He’s not listening, or is unaware of what’s going on in our lives, He is with us. Though we may rail against His silence, His timing, and His method of bearing our burdens … “He is never far from any one of us.” (Acts: 17:27b, NIV)

Consider how purposeful Mother bird’s constructs are – her diligent plans secure her babies’ futures.

How much more diligent is God’s design for our lives! In fact, Paul says He set the boundaries for our lives so that we will reach out to Him and find him! (Acts 17:27a, NIV).

When we think we’re in a downward spiral, God has abandoned us, and there’s no help in sight, is it possible that He’s teaching us to grab onto Him so we can learn to fly?

By Amre Cortadino

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  1. I love this! Right now we have a mother Robin nesting her eggs beneathe our deck. I check on her daily, so now I’ll remember these wise words from your analogy, especially when the little ones hatch.

    1. I’ll bet you’re enjoying every minute of the activity beneath your deck, Becky. So fun to think of Flight School from God’s perspective!!

  2. When the morning Doves coo, and the Red Robin’s come bobbing the Cardinals come calling. Watching over us.

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