The past several weeks certainly have been strange, dark, and restorative! Strange because of confusing, conflicting information about this virus. Mandatory insolation cloaked another dark layer to winter’s usual cold and gloom. Yet innovative ways to communicate invigorated us, and tackling all those someday projects spurred a sense of accomplishment.

Long before COVID-19, we saw others go through dark times, flourish, and emerge even more victorious.

Daniel sat in a dark den with lions roaming whisker-close until first light when the king opened the door and embraced him.

Before he ascended to the throne of Israel, David hid in dark caves, not knowing if he had breathed his last.

Noah rode in a DIY boat with his family and hungry animals until God’s perfect moment when He docked the cruiser on dry ground.

Abraham built an altar and obediently raised his knife to kill his son Isaac. God ordered, “Stop!” and renamed him Abraham, Father of Many Nations.

As if it wasn’t enough that his brothers dropped him in a hole, Joseph languished in jail for many years until he became second in command to Pharaoh.

Moses’s mother had no idea the baby she let drift down the Nile in a basket would save God’s people.

Jesus, murdered and bound in a dark tomb, burst through the gates of hell – the darkest pit – to set the captives free. He sits at the right hand of the Lord God Almighty, praying and waiting for us.

Whether quarantined or not, we know we have truly passed from darkness to light. There’s been a shaking, a reawakening, an urgency to share the Light that we have for too long kept to ourselves.

As the song says, it’s time to raise a Hallelujah!


By Amre Cortadino

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  1. What a great post, Amre! Thank you for sharing, and I will share too. I think a lot of discouraged folks out there need to hear this about now.

    One of the most special blessings during this dark time is friends, and you and the 236ers definitely rank among the best. You are all such a fine reminder that God truly is with us.

    God bless you!

    1. Thank you, Jessy! I gotta say, I got more and more excited as I saw the words flowing on the computer screen! What a wonderful Savior!! <3

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