When it comes to TV shows, I have unique tastes. Korean dramas are my favorite for their romantic storylines. (Trust me. You get used to the subtitles.) And I love how sweet and often sappy this culture can be. Did you know even the 2018 winter Olympics in Pyeonchang featured some official merchandise with an affectionate little secret? Special gloves were designed in a dark blue color, but the thumb and index fingers were red. When you crossed the two red fingers in a V formation, it resembled a heart. In the country of South Korea, it’s a common show of endearment, and this adorable little gesture found its way into the games. Many television viewers around the world probably never knew when the athletes held their crossed fingers up to the camera it meant “I love you”.

Of course, God gave us the greatest example of love on Calvary, but what about the everyday valentines He sends us? A close parking space at the grocery store. A kind word from a colleague when we really needed it. An unexpected check in the mail. A gorgeous sunset that we zipped right past.

I wonder how many times I miss His message when I’m too busy worrying about tomorrow, or replaying what went wrong with today. God doesn’t always thunder. Oftentimes He whispers in that still small voice Elijah heard. But His love for us is unending. Better than any Korean drama or romance author could ever dream up. He’s our heroic knight who laid down His life to save us, but He’s also a gentle suitor—wooing our busy souls back to Him. I write this as an encouragement for all of us. Look for the finger hearts He’s sending our way. I promise they’re there!

(KOR/ENG) 2018 평창 마스코트 핑거하트 장갑 홍보 영상 | PyeongChang 2018 mascots-designed gloves for finger-heart – YouTube

By Guest Author Shannon Kent

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16 Replies to “CROSS MY HEART”

  1. So many blessings and so many “God moments” go unnoticed, unappreciated, and unacknowledged. Thank you for this wonderful message in time for Valentine’s Day, Shannon. I hope this day of love is a beautiful one for you and all of your readers. Amre, thank you for hosting Shannon today.

  2. Ty nothing more peaceful and rewarding. When your walking the beach and your daughter age 9 says I’m following God’s footsteps. For me later on in life, I found the mountain . It brought me closer to my Lord.

  3. Sometimes we forget to listen to God’s whispers:) I love the image of Jesus being our heroic knight.

    This also reminded me of an incident this past fall. Someone hit my car, and I had to buy a new (to me) car, and the insurance wasn’t going to fully cover it. That week I received a $1,000 check in the mail from my home insurance company, a refund that came just at the right time. God’s timing:)

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