Our lilacs bloomed late this year, but that didn’t detract from their delicate purple, violet, and lavender hues, or their captivating aroma. After snipping and arranging a bunch in a crystal vase on the dining room table, their fragrance permeated the entire house. Ahh! There’s nothing as wonderful, as fresh, as organic, as this springtime flower.

However, a few days later shriveled petals accumulated on the table, and their signature scent had morphed into a sour odor.

Though I’d filled the vase with cold water, added a few ice cubes, and kept them in a cool room, something went wrong!

Jesus said “… for without Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5b, NIV)

When we’re cut off from the vine, acting under our own power, groping for happiness from any other place than the Giver of Life, we might look and smell sweet for a time. But the blush will wear off, the fragrance will depart, and we’ll soon wither and die.

Before the petals begin to fall, before we lose our salt, before our aroma sours, let’s plug back into the vine, renew, and rejuvenate. Let’s not only consider but cling to the source.

By eMarie

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Becky Van Vleet
2 years ago

Oh, I love lilacs. I believe that’s my favorite flower scent in the early summer for sure. Such a great word picture–I know I’ll remember how important it is to renew and rejuvenate.

Roberta Kautz
2 years ago

This reminder about the importance of being connected with the Vine resonated with me. When I was a child, we had purple and white lilac bushes in our backyard. I still remember their beauty and fragrance when they were on the bushes, and how quickly they deteriorated once they were picked. Such a powerful reminder that we need to be connected to the source of Life.

Judy Chatfield
Judy Chatfield
2 years ago

Yes, how quickly the beautiful petals wither and become disconnected without the life giving vine. Great reminder for us, thanks.

Patricia M Gonzales
2 years ago

Wonderful words of wisdom, eMarie! Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed weekend.

John "Jack" Cunningham

Amen. Love this devotional. We are nothing and can do nothing without the Lord.

Valerie Cullers
2 years ago

Amen…so true!!! Thanks eMarie

2 years ago

Wonderfully stated! We need every reminder! Love, Sarah

Gwen Gage
2 years ago

Love this reminder! He gets all the glory for any beauty in our lives. 🙂

2 years ago

Lord, here I come. Gonna huddle close to you today.

Colleen Snyder
2 years ago

I love your metaphor. You, as the “new branch” did all you could to keep the flowers alive…yet they still died. Anything – or anyone – not connected to the Vine will perish.

Praise the Lord for “grafting in” this wild branch!


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