Through an interesting turn of events, southern-born Rose’s (Maria Rosetta) marriage to Dr. Robert Greenhow ushered her from a life of poverty to one of financial and social status.  In fact, Rose often hob-nobbed with Dolley Madison and other well-known socialities of her day. It’s said that Rose’s influence helped elect President James Buchanan in 1856.

However, when the Civil War began, Rose became a Confederate spy. Though imprisoned on several occasions, she continued to leak Union information to aid the Confederates. Then, a diplomatic excursion brought her to France, where she wrote her memoirs and sold them for two thousand dollars in gold.

Far wealthier than when she’d arrived, Rose boarded a ship bound for home with her handsome salary sewn into the hem of her gown. But when her ship reached the mouth of Cape Fear River (Wilmington, N.C.), a Union ship gave chase.

Not to be outwitted, Rose and two soldiers hopped on a lifeboat to avoid capture. When the stormy seas capsized the small vessel, Rose and her gold perished.

We know that God’s word says in 1 Tim. 6:6 that our relationship with Him is what brings contentment and is of great gain. I wonder if Rose had ever read this verse: “Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction” (1 Tim. 6:9, NIV).

My parents had framed a poem by Charles Thomas Studd on a wall of my childhood home. Its impact is the same as the first day I’d read it. I pray it blesses you too:

By Amre Cortadino

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  1. I love the saying on that picture. The verse, “So we fix our eyes on what is unseen, for what is seen is temporal and what is unseen is eternal.” (loose quote) We need to stay focused on what really matters. Thanks for your faithful posts.

  2. Another detail that I’ve heard about Rose’s drowning is that she made the choice to keep the money belt of gold around her waist even as the ship was sinking. If she’d taken it off, she might have been able to make it to shore after the raft boat sank, too.

    I like the poem. Excellent reminder.

    1. Wow, so if that story is true, her greed led to her demise!! Sad, tragic, but shows where her heart was!! Thanks for that info, Sherry!! Glad you stopped by!! 🙂

  3. Wow, interesting! Yes, I often pause during the day to ask if whatever I’m doing is glorifying the Lord and His kingdom and if it will last! Thank you for sharing.

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